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 * xine_frontend.h:
 * See the main source file 'xineliboutput.c' for copyright information and
 * how to reach the author.
 * $Id: xine_frontend.h,v 1.5 2006/08/23 05:27:11 phintuka Exp $


#ifdef __cplusplus
extern "C" {


typedef void (*fe_keypress_f)(const char *keymap, const char *name);

typedef struct frontend_config_s frontend_config_t;
typedef struct frontend_s frontend_t;

#if 0
struct frontend_config_s {
  /* Display */
  int width; 
  int height;
  int fullscreen;
  int modeswitch; 
  char *modeline;
  int aspect;
  char *video_port;
  int scale_video;
  int field_order;

  fe_keypress_f keypresshandler;

  /* Xine engine */
  char *audio_driver;
  char *audio_port;
  char *video_driver;
  int pes_buffers;
  int priority;

struct frontend_s {
  /* Display */
  int (*fe_display_open)(frontend_t*, int winwidth, int winheight, 
                   int fullscreen, int modeswitch, const char *modeline, 
                   int aspect, fe_keypress_f keypresshandler, 
                   const char *video_port,
                   int scale_video, int field_order);
  int  (*fe_display_config)(frontend_t *, int width, int height, 
                      int fullscreen,
                            int modeswitch, const char *modeline, 
                      int aspect, int scale_video, int field_order);
  void (*fe_display_close)(frontend_t*);

  /* Xine engine */
  int  (*xine_init)(frontend_t*, 
                const char *audio_driver, 
                const char *audio_port, 
                const char *video_driver, 
                int pes_buffers, int priority, 
                const char *static_post);
  int  (*xine_open)(frontend_t*, const char *mrl);
  int  (*xine_play)(frontend_t*);
  int  (*xine_stop)(frontend_t*);
  void (*xine_close)(frontend_t*);
  void (*xine_exit)(frontend_t*);

  /* Execution control */
  int  (*fe_run)(frontend_t*);
  void (*fe_interrupt)(frontend_t*);
  void (*fe_free)(frontend_t*);

  /* Data transfer */
  int  (*xine_is_finished)(frontend_t*, int slave_stream);
  int  (*xine_osd_command)(frontend_t*, struct osd_command_s *cmd);
  int  (*xine_control)(frontend_t*, const char *cmd);
  int  (*xine_queue_pes_packet)(frontend_t*, const char *data, int len);

  char *(*grab)(frontend_t*, int *size, int jpeg, int quality,
            int width, int height);
#if 0
  frontend_config_t config;

typedef frontend_t *(*fe_creator_f)(void);

#ifdef __cplusplus
} /* extern "C" { */

#endif /* _XINE_FRONTEND_H */

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