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 * functor.h:
 * See the main source file 'xineliboutput.c' for copyright information and
 * how to reach the author.
 * $Id: functor.h,v 1.1 2006/08/24 23:25:07 phintuka Exp $


#include <vdr/tools.h>

class cFunctor : public cListObject 
    cFunctor() : cListObject() {}
    virtual ~cFunctor() {}
    virtual void Execute(void) = 0;

#if 1 /* gcc 3.3.x (?) does not accept class TRESULT=void */
template<class TCLASS>
cFunctor *CreateFunctor(TCLASS *c, 
                  void (TCLASS::*fp)(void));

template<class TCLASS, class TARG1>
cFunctor *CreateFunctor(TCLASS *c, 
                  void (TCLASS::*fp)(TARG1), 
                  TARG1 arg1);

template<class TCLASS, class TRESULT>
cFunctor *CreateFunctor(TCLASS *c, 
                  TRESULT (TCLASS::*fp)(void));

template<class TCLASS, class TRESULT, class TARG1>
cFunctor *CreateFunctor(TCLASS *c, 
                  TRESULT (TCLASS::*fp)(TARG1), 
                  TARG1 arg1);

#include "functorimpl.h"


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